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Being restricted to staying at home for the past few months has definitely triggered cabin fever for all of us at some point. Parents and children alike are itching to go on a holiday and change scenery for at least a few days. Even though overseas plans are postponed for the foreseeable future, the easing of restrictions are giving us ample opportunity to take a break and explore our own home, Australia.

Each state has beautiful and unique locations that are just a drive away for the whole family. We’ve picked some of our favourite destinations to hopefully inspire you to start planning your domestic getaway!

New South Wales


Less than an hour away from the famous Blue Mountains is Bilpin, a quaint regional town that is best known for their apple picking orchards. Apple picking offers a fun and refreshing experience for the kids who can run around and participate in an activity that is not normally available to them.

While apple picking season is usually between January to May, there are a lot of other fruits on offer during the year such as berries, peaches and oranges. Bilpin Country Lodge provides a detailed list of all the orchards around Bilpin and the fruit varieties that each has available. So if the family is interested in an active but food-oriented day then the hour and a half drive from Sydney CBD may be worthwhile for you!


Phillip Island

If your family are fans of wildlife and nature then Phillip Island has budding potential to be your next outing. From Koala Reserve to Penguin Parade to even a virtual experience of Antarctica, there are endless activities that both the kids, mum and dad can enjoy.

Phillip Island Nature Parks details everything you need to know when planning a visit. With only being around an hour away from Melbourne, this could be a fun day trip full of activities that are bound to entertain every family member.


Spirits of the Red Sand

While Queensland is well known for its beautiful coastal beaches, inside some of their towns provide incredible insight into Australia’s history.

Spirits of the Red Sand is located in Beenleigh Historical Village, only 30 minutes from Brisbane. They offer unique story-telling experiences about Aboriginal culture such as the Evening Experience where viewers dine while watching a 3-hour live theatre show that narrates stories from Aboriginal Dreamtime to the 19th century.

Western Australia

Wave Rock

To immerse the children in extraordinary natural phenomena, the 3-hour adventure from Perth to Wave Rock should definitely be on the top of the family bucket list. The rock has been naturally formed in the shape of a wave boasting a height of 14 metres, which will definitely cause some jaw drops for the little kids.

3 hours in the car with the whole family may not seem like the most ideal situation. Luckily, A World of Travel with Kids has a blog post with recommendations on how to break the trip apart with little activities for both parents and kids in the towns that are passed by during the drive.

South Australia


Less than an hour away from Adelaide lies one of the world’s largest open range zoos, Monarto Safari Park. With its reopening on June 29, this is a fantastic way to escape the streets and experience mother nature in a very interactive environment. Each day, the safari showcases a range of different animals from cheetahs on Sunday to a white rhino on Monday.

Northern Territory

Tjoritja West McDonnell National Park

This National Park expands for 161 kilometres and offers adventurous walks where the whole family can enjoy the scenic landscapes around them. As well as walking tracks, you can also swim in the park’s natural waterholes. Ellery Creek Big Hole is a short and family friendly walk from the nearest picnic and camping grounds. Northern Territory Tourism is a great resource to find out what you can do in the national park as well as details on how to get to each site.



Bicheno is a popular and accessible travel destination for local Tasmania residents. A two and a half hour drive from Hobart will find the whole family on the east coast where they can relax on the beach or get amongst the wide range of wildlife experiences Bicheno has available.

There are many local cafes and shops that make Bicheno the warm and welcoming holiday destination that it is renowned to be. Check out the local businesses and accommodation that you can support if you want to plan your next family getaway there.

There is an endless list of destinations across Australia that all of us are yet to visit and appreciate. While the mood might be slightly dampened as we are forced to leave our overseas plans behind, this may be the perfect time for us to look around and celebrate the beautiful country that we get to call home.

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