Fun things to do with your family this summer

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It has been a hectic and stressful year for everyone in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the number of cases in Australia steadily decreasing things are looking up. Our lives have started to return back to normal leaving many of us excited for a well deserved summer break. So with international borders closed and living in our new “COVID normal”, what does this mean for summer in Australia?

Australian summers are often characterised by the hot days, busy beaches and tantalising smells of the BBQ. However, with restrictions still in place across the country our summer may look a lot different, especially with the closure of some Australian beaches and restrictions still in place for many activities, such as outdoor gatherings and sports matches.

While the pandemic has limited the number of accessible and safe activities for the summer it doesn’t mean your whole summer has to be spent being bored sitting indoors. Now is the perfect time to get creative and inventive with fun COVID safe activities the whole family can enjoy.

Alternative COVID safe family activities

Cooling off

Swimming is one of the most popular activities enjoyed by families in the summer. But, with social distancing measures still in place many public pools and beaches still have restricted access. However, there are plenty of other ways to cool off this summer.

If you have a backyard pool now is the time to make the most of it. Dust off those old pool toys or invest in some new ones to turn your backyard pool into a place of endless fun for the whole family.

There are also a number of fun ways to cool off even if you don’t have a pool. Given you have space in your backyard purchasing an above ground pool or even a kiddie pool is a great way to stay cool and refreshed this summer.

At-home holiday

With international travel banned and some domestic border restrictions still in place now is a great time to turn your home into its own little retreat.

Bring the fun of camping into your backyard - pitch a tent or create a makeshift shelter and enjoy sleeping under the stars without having to worry about the planning and packing associated with traditional camping (and having your kitchen and bathroom just inside is definitely another perk).

Or if the outdoors are not for you then look no further than indoor fort building. Bring your inner child back to life and gather up some pillows and blankets to turn your living room into the perfect escape.

Keeping active

Creating an obstacle course from household objects is a great activity to get the heart rate going. Keeping active is as important now as ever and this is a fun way to make sure your kids are getting an adequate amount of daily physical activity.

Make sure the course is fun but it also provides a challenge by incorporating different games and tasks that require a certain level of skill. Here are a few different ideas to incorporate into your obstacle course:
  • Throw a ball into a bucket
  • Do 10 jumping jacks
  • Kick a ball to a target
  • Hula hoop for 10 seconds
  • Crawl over and under objects

Backyard races are another fun activity to keep your kids active and are a great way to introduce a bit of competition. Break into teams or have time trials in a range of fun and challenging races.

Whether it be one of the classics, like an egg and spoon race or a sack race, or an activity a bit out of the box, like walking with a cup of popcorn on your head across a certain distance, there are endless possibilities of activities to keep you and your kids active and entertained.

Getting creative

Theme nights are a great way to get creative with the whole family. Settle on a theme the whole family will enjoy and pair some fun costumes with a corresponding menu.

Not only will you get to enjoy the fun of dressing up but you can put your cooking skills to the test and experiment with some fun themed recipes. If you’re stuck for a theme here are a few ideas:
  • Cuisines of the World
  • Harry Potter
  • Disney
  • Under the Sea
  • Colour Theme

These are only a few activities of many that are bound to give you and your family endless hours of fun this summer. So remember, get creative, get innovative, have fun and stay safe.

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