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Frequently Asked Questions

Edstart provides customised loan packages for families to help manage the cost of private school fees.

Individuals with school fees to pay at any Australian non-government school can apply for funding, providing:

  • You are aged 21 years or older
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • You have a regular source of income that you can demonstrate
  • You have a good credit history
You can apply for Edstart at any time during the year. Once you submit an online enquiry we will tailor a plan to meet your needs, to make sure you only end up paying the remaining balance. This will incorporate your current school fee balance, and the specific billing cycle of your school(s). Yes, you can apply for Edstart for use in future school years. Simply enter your child's starting Year Level as part of the online calculation. Once you have submitted an enquiry online, we will be in contact by phone or email to confirm the details and the year that your child will start school. If you want to let us know any extra information, simply send us an email at and this will be added to your online submission. Proceeds of any loan facility provided by Edstart or its financing partners will be paid directly to the relevant school’s verified bank account in accordance with fee invoices and/or statements issued by the school.

Edstart makes school fees simple for families by providing customised finance packages which take into account all future school fee costs. A bank loan might help with just one year of school fees, but that would mean going to get a new loan each year.

By contrast, Edstart and its financing partners provide a longer-term solution where future school fee payments can be drawn down as and when fees are charged by a school. Edstart and its financing partners also use risk-based pricing, which means that good quality borrowers are rewarded with lower interest rates as compared to traditional banks and other lenders.

No. Edstart and its financing partners will only provide funding when school fees are due to be paid to a school. A maximum of one full year of fees will be funded at a time. You will only be charged for school fees which have actually been paid to a school. This means you will only ever pay for the funding you need.

Yes. Edstart Australia Pty Ltd maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements and holds Australian Credit Licence number 485096.

Edstart and its financing partners use a risk-based pricing approach, which means that good quality borrowers are rewarded with lower interest rates and fees.

Every customer can obtain a funding estimate online which provides full details of all interest rates and any other fees and charges which may be applied. The estimate is entirely free, will not impact your credit history and there is no obligation to proceed with a loan.

Loans can be repaid monthly via direct debit from your nominated bank account. Yes. All loans provided by Edstart and its financing partners can be repaid early at any time. No penalties or charges are applied for early repayment. You can apply for school fee funding at anytime. Edstart can assist you to fund any current fee balance outstanding, as well as providing funding estimates for future school fee costs.

By submitting a funding enquiry via the Edstart website, you are commencing an application for credit provided directly by Edstart Australia Pty Ltd.

Edstart can generally fund any expense that is included on an invoice issued by your school. This includes tuition fees, uniforms, textbooks, excursions, extra-curricular activities and any outstanding fee balances.

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