An easier way to pay school fees is just a few steps away

Just fill out the quick and easy online application and you can make worrying about school fees a thing of the past.

How it works

Free online calculation

We calculate your estimated monthly payments based on the time frame you set, with a quick, easy online application.

Receive a personalised offer

We send you a personalised no-obligation funding plan for your school fees.

Relax while we pay your school fees

Sign up and direct debit repayments will be drawn from your nominated account as per your instructions, and we will take care of all your school fee payments from then on.

More control with flexible payment options

Pay when you want

You set the time frame, then you just pay Edstart simple monthly payments that fit to your budget plan.

Change whenever

All Edstart's plans are completely flexible so you can change the conditions as and when you need to during the term of the plan.

No contracts

All Edstart's plans have no lock in contracts. If you want to pay off earlier or extend it longer you are free to.

Flexible payments

Edstart's low interest rate plans come with no hidden fees, or tricky fine print. You just set your payment time frame, we give you a personalised interest rate and you get to see exactly what you have to pay.

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