Payment plans that fit around your budget and when you get paid.

Flexible options to suit your needs

Our payment plans can be used for any education-related costs such as tuition fees, boarding expenses, uniforms, technology, and extracurricular activities.

Edstart Go

For smaller education costs. Spread payments for up to 12 months.

Funding amount: $500 - $2,000

Interest free

No transaction fee

Account keeping fee: $8/month

Monthly account keeping fee is charged when your balance is above zero.

Edstart Pay

For larger education costs. Smooth payments during the school year.

Funding amount: Over $2,000

Interest free

Transaction fee: 3%

No account keeping fee

Edstart pays your school every term or semester

The transaction fee is charged each time we pay your invoice.

Edstart Extend

Reduce your annual payments by spreading them over a longer period.

Funding amount: Over $2,000

Interest rate: 5.9% to 12.9%

Transaction fee: 3%

No account keeping fee

Edstart pays your school every term or semester

Extend repayments for up to 5 years after finishing school

Interest is only charged on the balance of your Edstart account. Interest rate is personalised based on your credit profile and we reward your good credit history with a better interest rate.
With all Edstart payment plans

Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Apply at any time during the year

Change or cancel at any time with no charges

No need to reapply for future years

Getting into the details

How does an Edstart payment plan work?

Once you’ve been approved and we’ve set-up your Edstart account, simply send your invoice or statement to us. We will then organise payment on your behalf usually a week before the due date.

Your repayments to Edstart will then occur weekly, fortnightly or monthly from your nominated bank account. You can choose whichever payment frequency and start date that suits you best.

How is Edstart different from getting a traditional loan?

Unlike a traditional loan, Edstart provides customised payment plans that cover all current and future education costs. This means you don’t end up borrowing more than you otherwise may need or have to get a new loan each year.

You only pay for what you use, and you have the flexibility to make adjustments and cancel anytime with no penalty.

Can I repay some or all of my balance early?

You can make extra repayments or repay your entire balance at any time using your personalised BPay reference (provided on each Edstart statement). There are no fees, charges, clawbacks or penalties for early repayment.

Any extra payments will be applied to your Edstart account immediately, thereby reducing any interest costs that may apply.

Is Edstart regulated by the government?

Edstart holds a credit licence issued by ASIC and maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements. We are a local and specialised provider founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists.

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How to apply


Free online calculation
Calculate a payment plan for your fees and complete a quick online application. This will not impact your credit score.


Receive a personalised offer
Our team will then review your details and tailor a plan to cover your current and future education costs.


We take care of your fees
Once your account is set-up, simply forward your invoice to us and we'll organise payment to the school.
Get started
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