The easier way to pay school fees

At Edstart, we believe education is the world's most powerful investment. Our mission is to help people pay for it.

Edstart helps you pay for school fees by providing simple, low-cost payment plans that fit your family’s needs. We provide flexible plans you can control, so that school fees don’t hold back your family’s finances.

How it works

Free online calculation

We calculate your estimated payments based on the time frame you set, with a quick, easy online application.

Receive your personalised offer

We provide a personalised no-obligation funding plan for your school fees, including tuition, boarding, arrears and other charges.

Relax while we pay your school fees

Sign up and we will pay all school fee invoices on your behalf. Your selected repayment amount will be drawn from your bank account periodically.

Benefits of using Edstart

Take the stress out of your household budget

Reduce your annual school fee spend by paying over your chosen timeframe. You can even extend repayments to after the kids have left school.

Full control over your payment plan

Apply for Edstart at any time during the year with no lock in contracts. You can change your payment plan at any time to pay it off earlier or extend it longer.

Low interest rate with no hidden fees

Personalised interest rate based on your payment timeframe. You only pay for what you use, and there are no fees for changing or cancelling your plan.

Options to help you better manage your cash flow

Edstart provides two options to help you spread large up-front school fees into more manageable payments. We offer simple repayment plans that fit around your budget and when you get paid.

Edstart Extend

Better suited for high-school, you can extend your school fee payments for up to 5 years after your child completes.




an Edstart Plan

Fees and charges

Transaction fee3%
Interest rate7.90% to 12.90% p.a.

Interest is only charged on the balance of your Edstart account which has been utilised (i.e. the funds that have actually been paid to a school).

Interest rates are personalised based on each applicant’s credit profile, and are typically set between 7.90% to 12.90% p.a.

Edstart Pay

Edstart Pay is a 12-month payment plan for children of all ages. You can pay your annual school fees in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.



Large lump-sum payment due each term.


an Edstart Plan

Smaller payments spread evenly in regular instalments.

Fees and charges

Transaction fee3%
Interest rateNil

The transaction fee is added to your account each time Edstart pays a school on your behalf.

Some of our partner schools absorb the transaction fee so that Edstart Pay becomes entirely free for families.

We also cover extra costs, like levies, uniforms, textbooks, excursions, extra-curricular activities and any outstanding fee balances.

We’re helping more Australian families pay for school fees

Every family deserves to send their kids to the school of their choice. We don’t believe finance should get in the way of education.

Edstart was founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists who believe in the power of education and are committed to building a solution to support access to learning. We hold a credit licence issued by ASIC and maintain full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

We’re helping families across Australia better manage their cash flow while ensuring school fees are paid on time.

"The fact that we can pay Edstart off weekly, rather than lump sums to the school, has made a huge difference.

We've got a $30,000 year coming up when they're in Year 11 and 12, so spreading out the impact of that will be a godsend."

Louise Carriage, NSW.

Source: AFR, 13 April 2018

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