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How this dedicated Adelaide student is rising to basketball's top leagues


At 6’2”, most people wouldn't consider Campbell McCue lacking in the height department. In the big leagues of basketball however, where most of your opponents start around 6’7” it can present some challenges.

With dreams of playing College basketball in the USA, the Cabra Dominican College student is putting in serious work. He’s training himself to jump higher, and brought in external help to become faster, fitter and stronger so he can take on any opposition, regardless of their size.

Train hard, jump higher

While some of Campbell's basketball skills came naturally, developed in his early days as a dancer, with other aspects he’s worked hard to get where he is today. Always taking a strategic approach to his training, one of the best ways he figured to compete with the taller players was to learn how to jump higher.

For his Year 11 Research Project, Campbell created a seven page manifesto outlining in scientific detail how to increase his vertical jump. He got to work, meticulously following his program with great results. His jump was rising, and he was now well above the rim (slam dunk - no problem), but he still wasn’t satisfied.

Stepping up his game

To take his game to the next level Campbell decided he needed the help of external expertise. He now works with his trainer Josh O'Gorman at PEAQ Conditioning in Adelaide, a high performance and elite training centre home to many established athletes. Josh is taking him through a rigorous routine to become more athletic, quicker and stronger so he can stay on top of the taller competition.

Campbell’s also training hard on his on-court basketball skills. For this he enlisted the services of three-time NBL coach of the year, Joey Wright. With Joey, Campbell is improving his gameplay skills like shooting and rebounding to give him further competitive advantage over his bigger opposition.

Achievements so far

Already Campbell has won some impressive titles in his basketball career. These include district and state championships, multiple MVP awards and he continues to play in the Under 21 Adelaide Division 1 and A grade for his school. Even with this busy schedule he finds time to be an exceptional role model for his peers, leading the Access (disabled) Basketball team at his school to two state championship wins.

Looking to the future

Campbell’s hard work and commitment to his game has resulted in him winning the 2023 Edstart Achievement Award in the Sport and Physical Wellbeing category. The $1,500 award grant is enabling him to continue his training with Josh, staying on track to achieve his goals and become the best player he can.

Next year he plans to play college basketball in the USA while studying exercise physiology, and has already had a number of expressions of interest from top colleges. Further down the track he sees a bright future for Australian basketball and is dedicated to one day be part of the Boomers squad that takes on the world.

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