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At Edstart, we believe education is the world's most powerful investment.
Our mission is to help people pay for it.


The cost of schooling varies greatly, and whilst most school fees are affordable, it’s often the timing of when payments are due, or how much is due at once, that causes cash flow issues for families and schools.

A recent study of private and Catholic school parents found that only half of families were able to fund school fees from available disposable income, with a significant number relying on credit card debt.

Edstart offers a range of products which have been created with schools and parents at its core. We provide tailored payment and savings plans to take the pain out of school fees for everyone.

How it works

Schools can choose how they wish to offer Edstart to parents. We encourage schools to include Edstart as an alternative payment option for school fees in all documents and web pages which reference fees and payment methods.

Parents apply online

Parents interested in using Edstart can visit our website, calculate a funding package and submit a simple online application.

Invoice as normal

Schools continue to issue fee invoices to parents as per normal. Parents using Edstart then forward the invoice to us to arrange payment.

Receive full payment

Edstart will pay each invoice to the school in full and on time via the preferred payment method to enable automated reconciliation.

Key benefits for schools

Full up-front payments with no clawback

Receive each invoice payment in full and on time instead of having to wait for instalments. There are no clawbacks or refunds sought from a school for any invoice funded by Edstart.

Save time and effort

Reduce administration time on chasing up families and reconciling payments. Edstart payments are made using the school’s preferred method for easy reconciliation.

Easy to set-up

There are no process or system changes required when referring parents to Edstart. Simply continue issuing invoices as normal.

More choice for parents to pay school fees

Edstart provides an easier way for families to pay for school fees so their children can attend the school of their choice.

We’re helping more Australian families pay for school fees

The team at Edstart have provided our parent community with helpful advice and friendly, confidential service that has assisted many of our families.

Another appealing aspect about Edstart was the ease of implementation. We simply placed a notice in our community newsletter and listed Edstart on our website and fee schedule. No change had to be made in the way we issued invoices. It has been a straightforward process.

Hugh Castleden, Business Manager
Calrossy Anglican School, Tamworth NSW

Who is behind Edstart?

Edstart was founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists who believe in the power of education and are committed to building a solution to support access to learning. We hold a credit licence issued by ASIC and maintain full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Yes, Edstart can fund any fees included on the school invoice which may include: tuition fees, boarding costs, extracurricular fees, textbooks, uniforms, sporting activities and voluntary donations etc. We will also fund any overdue or carry-forward balances.

Edstart can also fund fees for any education-related costs which may be billed by a third-party, including private tuition, travel or other extracurricular costs.

The school will be paid up-front and in full for each billing cycle. For example, if invoices are typically issued at the start of each term, each school invoice will be paid prior to the due date for each term’s invoice.

There are several major differences between Edstart and a typical payment provider:

  1. Edstart pays school fees upfront to the school. Each invoice is paid upfront and in full prior to the due date. Families can then make payments to Edstart on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly cycle.
  2. Edstart allows families to extend school fee payment up to five years after their youngest child completes Year 12. This means that families can significantly reduce their total annual cash outflow on school fees by extending over a longer period.
  3. Edstart has lower costs than equivalent alternatives.
  4. Edstart is a local and specialised provider. We only fund education costs and our team are all based in Australia.

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