Smarter payment plans for school fees

Edstart allows parents to spread out their school fee costs beyond the period of tuition with customised, long-term payment plans.

Key benefits for schools

Improve Cash Flow

Receive each invoice payment in full and on time for every family using Edstart.

Fund everything

Edstart will pay overdue balances, extracurricular fees, building fund contributions and any other charges.

Zero Implementation

Continue issuing invoices as normal. with no process or system changes required.

Save Time

Reduce administration time on chasing up families and reconciling payments.

Easy Reconciliation

Payments are made using the school’s preferred method (BPAY, bank transfer, or any other preference).

Reduce Annual Fees

Ease the burden on families by allowing repayments up to five years beyond the final child graduating.

How it works

Parents apply online

Parents interested in using Edstart can visit our website, calculate a funding package and submit a simple application online.

Invoice as normal

Schools continue to issue fee invoices to parents as per normal. Parents using Edstart then forward the invoice to Edstart to arrange payment.

Automated repayments

Edstart will collect automated repayments from the parents’ nominated bank account monthly. No action is required from the school at this stage.

Who is behind Edstart?

Edstart was founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists who believe in the power of education and are committed to building a solution to support educational access.

Edstart and its accredited and trusted financing partners use the latest technology and risk-based pricing to ensure trusted borrowers are rewarded with lower interest rates compared to traditional banks and other lenders.