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Streamline your fee process and increase payment flexibility to families

Edstart Plus is a comprehensive fee management service that allows schools to increase payment flexibility for families without the added complexity and workload.

Leverage our people and technology

It is a complete end-to-end fee management service that combines:


Our advanced technology is purpose built to make managing payment plans efficient. By reducing administrative effort for your team, they can focus on other value-add initiatives.

Guaranteed payments
Guaranteed payments

Schools receive guaranteed upfront payments regardless of when families choose to pay their fees. This means your school is able to predictably and reliably set your budget.

Family support
Family support

Our dedicated team works with each family on a payment option that works best for them. We have extensive experience managing complex payments and handling delicate situations.

The technology powering Edstart Plus

The technology behind Edstart Plus enables our team to better look after your school and your parent community to achieve the best possible outcome.

Payment processing

Our payment processing technology provides the ultimate flexibility for families. They can choose from a range of payment frequencies and methods. We even support payments from multiple bank accounts and different payment cycles.

Payment calculator

Changes to payment plans are made easy with our payment calculator. Extra charges added during the year, payment schedule changes, and missed or deferred payments by the family are all catered for. Your team no longer has to manually manage any recalculations.

Designed for schools

Our system has been designed for schools based on real family situations and the complexities they involve. Whether it's grandparents contributing to fees or catering for split families, we can handle multiple payments and consolidate this into a single student account for your school.

Online portal

Schools have full visibility and are kept up-to-date on families and payments. Our partner portal allows you to track fees paid, view upcoming payments, download reports and monitor the status of family accounts.

Alerts and notifications

Smart alerts and notifications actively monitor and detect any potential issues so they can be proactively resolved. If a family is at risk of falling behind, Edstart will manage minor changes and recalculations, and your team is also able to be on the front foot if financial assistance is required.

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