HSC is over - What's next?


The HSC is finally over. Now what? While there is a great deal of celebration and letting loose to be done for our teenagers, the honest truth is that some of our teenagers will be thinking “Now what? What am I going to do with my life?” as the wait for results begins.

Our teens will joke about burning their HSC notes, their school books, their uniforms and anything else related to school. All this aside, it’s a huge time for searching for answers. Here are our suggestions as to how to help them get through this questionable time in their lives (and how they cannot annoy you or send you broke):

Earn some money

This is the most obvious of all. As parents it’s a big one. The sooner they start earning their own wages, the better. They won’t know what’s hit them once their first pay check hits their account. It also keeps their brains active with all those emotions swirling around in their heads as they wait those dreaded results. Emphasise to them that a job is a great way to start saving for the first few weeks of university when they will be truly living the life of a party. If your teenager is doing bar work, a great idea is to see if they can gain themselves a Sunday shift, which earns them just that little bit extra cash than weekdays.

Celebrate with the family

Acknowledging hard work provides a great positive outlook. We want to celebrate the good in life and say thank you to those who helped our teenagers get there. Team up with other parents perhaps and organise a get-together with those who your child shared study notes with, received help with for their final marks, and guidance during this difficult time. This is a great sentimental way to say thank you. The HSC has long-lasting memories on everyone involved, so why not get some closure with a fun day filled with food and good times.

Help them sell their textbooks

Textbooks take up a lot of space in their rooms and are essentially obsolete for our teens now. Help them earn quick and easy money by finding Facebook groups created for students to sell second-hand books to each other or going to other websites including Gumtree. There is always someone out there looking for a bargain.

Thank their teachers

Teachers do a lot but often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. If they were nasty and your teenager hated them, then ignore this point. Otherwise, why not suggest your teenager make a card, or something sentimental (flowers and chocolates are never a bad idea and don’t break the budget) and say thank you. This can also be done as a group with their friends to their favourite teacher who offered that extra bit of support, or a hug after the big exams.

Help them enjoy themselves

Yes the school days are finally over. And it’s not just great for your teenagers, but there’s a certain new calmness that has entered the house. Life is about enjoying the good things, so let them binge on Netflix a little, don’t make them wake up at the crack of dawn, treat them to their favourite home-cooked meal, and perhaps see if they want to try something new with you as a special day out.

And as the anxious wait begins now with the results less than a month away, this is one of the few times in everyone’s lives where nothing seems certain, in a blissful way. As a family, enjoy the stress-free time and encourage this time between school and starting that first new phase of life.

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