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Meet our team: Kylie


Before joining Edstart as our first Partner Success Manager in 2020, Kylie had spent the previous 13 years working in the education sector. Alongside putting her three kids through school, this reinforced in her the value of education and set her up for success in her role at Edstart.

In her own time Kylie loves to travel, whether finding new camping spots around New South Wales or exploring European historical centres. She also enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden, and has recently started learning about breeding race horses.

Hi Kylie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Firstly, can you tell us what you do at Edstart?

When I started, I was the first Account Manager. The role is called a Partner Success Manager now. We didn't have very many schools to manage then, but they were all across the country. I was handling the bulk of them, and then gradually, as more schools came on board we got more people in the team which is great because it was getting a bit hectic.

So I look after both Edstart Plus schools and Edstart Pay and Extend schools. We first come in to support the Regional Manager to help in the onboarding stages - that’s usually when the Partner Success Manager is introduced.

Can you tell us a bit more about what a Partner Success Manager does at Edstart?

Yes, so from there Partner Success works alongside the school to help transition and move their families across to Edstart. We help the school understand what's coming, who we are, and what our values are. We show them what assistance, resources, and tools we have available, as well as helping to alleviate any queries or issues they might have.

Particularly when schools start using Edstart Plus, and they have to migrate a lot of families over, we try to break down any barriers and just say, we're right here with you. When it comes to communicating with families we'll suggest this is how we respond, this is how we can change it to suit your needs and your community.

When you're transitioning families to a new way of doing things you need to tailor your messaging. Because they might have all types of concerns, which are completely valid. They just need the right responses, and the right timing. Some families need to be supported a little longer than others. So we just try to have all the patience in the world, and also very clear and open communication.

Do you think that having that experience as a parent has helped you in this job, to understand the system at all?

It totally does. It made me understand the value of education, and the challenges that you have as a parent when your children are going through schooling. And I guess also managing your budget, it just hits a bit harder.

How do you think that your background working in education helps with this role?

I spent over a decade working at 3P Learning, the home of Mathletics. Being either side of the Mathletics adoption wave, when schools didn’t know the product and then when they did - the energy was palpable. Teachers were evangelical about the difference it made to their work and their students.

This experience made me comfortable talking with schools about their goals and objectives, and I developed an understanding that helped me anticipate any questions they have. I worked a lot with department heads and principals - with a focus on overall and NAPLAN results, but also worked with teachers showing them how our products worked as a teaching and reporting tool.

Through this I learned a lot about how schools run, and the nuances and complexities involved. To be honest, there’s a lot of alignment between my previous roles and Edstart where you have an amazing service that can actually transform the way the school does things, and ultimately the students benefit.


What do you enjoy about working at Edstart and what makes it special for you?

The energy of a young company. This is why I joined in the first place, I could feel it. The energy, the drive, the goals, the ideas, the openness, the flexibility. I love that we say yes to anyone's request, I always find I’m able to say yes. We have good products that are easy to promote, and easy to support. It's very rare that a school asks me something and I say, no, we can’t do that - I just wouldn't say it. If we can't do it, we'll be able to do something else. It's not often that we say no, if anything, it's not yet.

Are there any particular achievements that you're particularly proud of since you've been working at Edstart?

Definitely the Edstart Achievement Awards Program. I think everyone would say that!

I'm also really proud of our webinars, I think they are really hitting the spot. Using the insights we get from our data and expertise to inform our customers - business managers and finance teams, that's really adding value.

After that, the process of helping a school to onboard, and smoothing out any speed bumps. Supporting their families and their team so they can start to relax and feel comfortable. Also I love being on the road, getting to meet people face to face, it really makes a difference. Because you're on the phone with schools all the time. Multiple times a day. So these people basically become your friends. They really are your friends.

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