Useful life skills for kids to learn


Life skills are useful skills and abilities which help us to effectively deal with the various challenges and demands of life. They are important to be introduced to children to equip them with foundational skills that can assist in all stages of life, particularly in the transition to adulthood.

How teaching life skills benefits kids

While teaching kids basic life skills may seem inherent or simple, it is just as important as encouraging their academic, sporting or creative endeavours. Not only do life skills better equip children to tackle the real world, but kids will often learn more than just the skill itself.

Teaching children life skills can help in the development of attributes such as independence, self confidence and individual autonomy, all of which enable children to more effectively adapt to real world problems and challenges.

While everyone’s list of what they deem to be essential life skills may look a little different, there are some that all children should be taught.

Life skills to teach your kids

Money management

Talking about money with children can seem like a complicated conversation or something that doesn’t concern children. But introducing money management skills to kids is a great way to help them develop habits that will allow them to understand the value of money and be able to save wisely.

Teaching children that saving money is good is particularly important. Opening up a savings account and allowing them to deposit some of their pocket money or if they’ve got a job, some of their wages, and reviewing their monthly statements is a great way to show them how their money can grow overtime.


Introducing simple cooking techniques, such as stirring and mixing, when kids are young is a great way to start getting them comfortable in the kitchen.

As children get older they can be taught how to make simple meals, such as a sandwich, and start helping out with cooking meals. When they become more confident in the kitchen they can start learning how to read and follow a recipe and eventually prepare a simple meal on their own (with adult supervision).

Introducing cooking skills to children helps to better prepare them for life after school when they will need to start planning and preparing their own meals.

Cleaning and household chores

While household chores are never anyone's favourite thing to do, it is important to get children into the habit of helping out around the house without expecting anything in return.

Start with the small tasks, like making their own bed or cleaning the dishes after dinner. Then as children get older introducing bigger tasks, like doing laundry or cleaning their room, will help prepare them for when they move out and live independently.

Teaching children life skills not only provides them with an abundant toolkit of capabilities, it will assist them in becoming more confident and independent individuals who are better prepared for the various challenges and obstacles they will face.

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