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School excursions and trips are a great way for students to learn outside of the classroom. They allow kids to experience things in a different environment and be able to learn from a different perspective.

Not only do excursions help bring excitement and motivate them, they also provide real life context to what they learn in class. After all, seeing what they’ve been studying in action can add an extra dimension to their learning. For those who are lucky enough to go on an overseas trip, they get to really appreciate different countries and cultures by actually being there.

Most common trips in Australia

Given that many of us would have been to Questacon or Parliament House when we were at school, it’s no surprise when we looked at our payment data that the most common destination for school trips within Australia is to Canberra. Most students are going to visit our nation’s capital between years 6 to 9.

Other domestic destinations topping the list were interstate sporting trips, skiing in the Snowy Mountains, and Uluru in Central Australia.

Top overseas destinations

When it comes to overseas school trips, the most common destinations are the United States, Japan and New Zealand. Trips to the US included sporting tours around the country, music and art trips to New York, and tours of the NASA Space Program in Houston, Texas.

Outside of the top 3 countries, other interesting destinations included Nepal, Vanuatu and Cambodia. Most overseas trips occurred while students were in Year 11.

How much are families spending?

Our analysis found that school trips to international destinations are becoming increasingly common, with parents on average forking out $4,638 per year.

School Excursions Average cost per family (p.a.)
Within Australia $1,501
Overseas $4,638

This highlights that tuition fees is only just the beginning when it comes to education-related expenses and why we’ve designed our payment plans to cover extras like excursions and extra-curricular activities.

The opportunity for children to get out of the classroom to learn is priceless and is something that students will remember for a long time.

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