Pay your Great Southern Grammar fees with Edstart

Edstart is working with Great Southern Grammar to help you manage school fee payments. Pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly - choose a plan that fits around your budget.

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How It Works

Free online calculation

We calculate your estimated payments based on the time frame you set, with a quick, easy online application.

Receive a personalised offer

We provide a personalised funding plan for your education fees, including tuition, boarding, arrears and other charges.

Relax while we pay your school fees

Forward your school invoice to us and we will organise payment to the school. Your selected repayment amount will be drawn from your bank account periodically.

Options to help you better manage your cash flow

Edstart provides families at Great Southern Grammar with two options to help you spread large up-front school fees into more manageable payments.

Edstart Pay

Edstart Pay is an interest-free payment plan that runs up to 12 months.

Instead of large lump-sum payments every term, you can spread your payments evenly across the school year into smaller weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

Fees and charges

Transaction fee3%
Interest rateNil

The transaction fee is added to your account each time Edstart pays a school on your behalf.

Edstart Extend

Edstart Extend is a loan package that allows you to spread your school fee payments beyond the current school year.

Better suited for high-school, you can extend your repayments for up to 5 years after your child graduates.

Fees and charges

Transaction fee3%
Interest rate5.90% to 12.90% p.a.

Interest is only charged on the balance of your Edstart account which has been utilised (i.e. the funds that have actually been paid to a school).

Interest rates are personalised based on each applicant’s credit profile, and are typically set between 5.90% to 12.90% p.a.

There are no early payment or exit fees, so you can change your payment level, make additional payments or close your account at any time with no extra fees or penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Edstart can generally fund any expense that is included on an invoice issued by Great Southern Grammar or another education-related provider. This includes tuition fees, boarding expenses, uniforms, textbooks, excursions, extra-curricular activities and any outstanding fee balances.

Individuals wishing to fund any education-related fees can apply with Edstart, providing:

  • You are aged 21 years or older
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • You have a regular source of income that you can demonstrate
  • You have a good credit history
You can apply at any time during the year, or in advance for future years. Edstart can assist you to fund any current fee balance outstanding, as well as providing funding estimates for future school fee costs.

For Edstart Pay, our 12-month payment plan, we do not charge any interest. However, there is a 3% service fee on payments made to the school on behalf of a family.

For Edstart Extend, interest rates are personalised based on each applicant’s credit profile and payment terms, and typically ranges from 5.90% to 12.90% per annum. Interest is only charged on the balance of your Edstart account which has been utilised.

Edstart uses a risk-based pricing approach, which means that good quality borrowers are rewarded with lower interest rates and fees.

Every customer can obtain an instant funding estimate online which provides full details of all interest rates and any other fees and charges which may be applied. The estimate is entirely free, will not impact your credit history and there is no obligation to proceed with a funding package.

Since Edstart issues continuing credit contracts, it is not possible to calculate a comparison rate for Edstart products.

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