School Fees Report

How much are private school fees in Australia?

With one in three Australian families sending their child to a non-Government school, private school fees are a huge investment for parents.

Edstart’s School Fees Report helps you understand the trends in private school fees across the country. This year’s report analysed fees from over 300 schools, covering tuition, compulsory additional fees and boarding fees.

Key findings

Private school fees across Australia have risen by an average of 3.1% in 2019, which is slightly down from 3.2% last year. While a number of schools reduced their fees or had no fee change, we found that over 84% of schools increased their fees by more than the current inflation rate of 1.8%*.

Average National increase
% of schools with no increase
% of school with increases above inflation

* Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Data over the 12 months to the December quarter 2018.

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