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School Fees Report 2023

School Fees Report 2023

How much are private school fees in Australia?

With 44% of Year 12 students attending a non-Government school in Australia, private school fees are a huge investment for parents.

The Edstart School Fees Report is an annual report designed to help you understand the trends in school fees at non-Government schools across the country. Our 2023 report analysed fees from 635 schools, looking at the cost of tuition, compulsory additional fees and boarding fees.

Key findings

Non-Government school fees have risen by an average of 4.49% across Australia, up from 2.90% in the previous year, as things return to normal after disruptions over the past couple of years and rising inflation in the economy starts to drive up costs for schools.

Average National Increase


% of schools with no increase


% with increases below inflation


Map of Australia listing percentage of fee increase in each state

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