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How students can benefit from learning about entrepreneurship


Education has moved away from memorising facts and figures to focusing on different learning methods that develop skills relevant to the 21st century. Today’s students are learning to think critically and creatively in preparation to become the entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow.

Rise of entrepreneurship

The rise of entrepreneurship has led to many innovative startups growing into businesses that have transformed the way we live and work. From disrupting the hotel sector to changing the way we order takeaway food, successful entrepreneurs help improve our everyday lives.

Many schools are now teaching entrepreneurship to students to equip them with important skills and capabilities to prepare for a rapidly changing future.

Benefiting from practical skills

Through entrepreneurship, students learn practical business skills by uncovering a customer need and finding an innovative solution in response to a problem. Students undertake activities to build knowledge of financial literacy, business and the economy. While some business ideas might not work out, entrepreneurship encourages failure as an opportunity for students to grow, learn and try again.

Not every student will go on to become an entrepreneur, however using real world learning activities provides students with an invaluable experience to learn highly transferable soft skills like teamwork, problem solving and communication.

How students are learning about entrepreneurship

Students are learning about entrepreneurship through school programs such as ‘Activate’ by Future Anything where project based learning subjects that align with the Australian curriculum are taught at schools over a term or semester. Students in Year 8 can develop a product to sell at local markets or Year 5 students can pitch an idea that encourages young people to participate in democracy.

Some schools have incorporated entrepreneurship into their curriculum such as Seaton High School and Murray Bridge High School in South Australia. As specialist entrepreneurial schools, they use design thinking to engage students in immersive learning experiences through enterprise-focused subjects including Business Innovation and Food Futures.

The TiE Young Entrepreneurs program by TiE Melbourne provides another avenue for students from Year 8 to Year 11 to learn entrepreneurial skills through networking and mentoring. In teams, students attend workshops where they come up with ideas, develop a business plan and eventually pitch to a panel of leading entrepreneurs over a 7 week period.

Another option are the free courses available on Upschool.co that aim to teach entrepreneurs to operate with ethics and purpose while inspiring creativity. The Build a Library program involves a 10 week journey where schools or year groups work in a team and use entrepreneurial skills to raise funds to build a real library for a community in need.

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