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Podcasts for kids

As we start to spend more time at home with the kids over the coming weeks, one of the great ways to keep them entertained and informed is to listen to podcasts. There has been a surge in podcasts in recent years not just for adults but also younger listeners.

Listening to audio content is a great way to help reduce screen time for your children and provide them with a new way to consume content. There are podcasts that cover a range of topics and they’re useful for keeping them engaged as well as learning about things along the way.

Australian podcasts for kids we recommend

Here are some of the best locally produced podcasts.

Short and Curly

Produced by the ABC, Short and Curly is a fun podcast for kids and their parents focussing on ethics and moral dilemmas. Each episode asks curly questions on a topic covering areas like technology, pop culture, school, animals and the world.

Some of the topics they’ve covered include “Should we ban lollies?”, “Is Dumbledore as great as he seems?”, “Is it okay to ever fight back against a bully?”, “Do you have to love your sibling?” and “Why can’t children vote?”.

It’s interesting, thought provoking and if you’re listening together over breakfast or in the car, gives your family the opportunity to discuss ideas.

Squiz Kids

A news podcast for 8 to 12 year olds to give kids (and parents) a rundown on the big news events for the day. It is released at 7am each weekday, goes for around 8 minutes and gives children an easy-to-digest snapshot of what’s happening in the world.

The Beanies

For parents who also have younger kids under 6 years old, The Beanies is like a podcast version of ‘The Wiggles’. Each episode contains storytelling and songs - and there are occasional in-jokes thrown in for the adults as well.

Good kids podcasts from overseas

Brains On!

A podcast from American Public Media, Brains On! is a science podcast that features a fascinating range of topics with fun characters where you’re learning without even realising.

Some of the topics kids and adults can learn from this podcast include “How does the Internet get to us?”, “How do airplanes fly?”, “What is dyslexia? And how do our brains read?” and something a bit more topical “Understanding coronavirus and how germs spread”.

Wow in the World

From NPR in the United States, it is a well produced and high-quality podcast that tells fun stories about science and technology.

Ted Talks Daily

A great podcast for your teenage kids (and you), you’ll hear thought-provoking ideas from the world's leading thinkers and doers. The topics and speakers are extremely diverse and a new one is released every weekday.

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