What the NSW Election results mean for education


Education is set to benefit from the re-election of the Berejiklian Government in NSW, with the Coalition committing to continue improving services and facilities for students across the state.

Gains for all school sectors

Both government and non-government schools can expect significant benefits based on promises during the election campaign. Private schools will receive a record $500 million over the next four years to help them build more classrooms and cater to increasing enrolments, while public schools will get $6 billion in funding commitments.

While the education sector will not reap the benefits of Labor’s “schools before stadiums” policy, the Coalition has promised to fund 4,600 new teachers in the next four years and $120 million to dramatically expand before and after school care for every public primary school student. Labor had promised if it won the election to divert funds required for rebuilding Allianz Stadium to replace more than 1,000 demountable classrooms and putting air conditioning in every classroom.

Other benefits to the education sector include an additional 2,300 preschool places in areas of high demand and an extra 100,000 free TAFE courses. There is also an allocation for clearing the school maintenance backlog, building new schools, improving the school infrastructure, as well as providing additional support for the Catholic and Independent school sectors.

Extra funding to families

Families will also get up to $200 in vouchers per child per year to spend on sports related activities under the revised “Active Kids” initiative. The Berejiklian Government had pitched this as a way to help households cope with increasing cost of living pressures and rising fees at both public and private schools.

Recent analysis in our School Fees Report found that the average increase in private school fees in NSW was 3.66%, outpacing both inflation and wage growth.

Recognising the importance of education

The strong focus on education by both major parties during the election campaign highlights this as a priority area for the voting public.

Whether funded publicly or privately, education is widely regarded as a powerful investment which delivers significant economic and social returns to both the state and the individual. It is pleasing to see education continuing to be prioritised by all sides of politics.

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